{simple pleasures} tout est envisagéable: everything is possible

{eco boutique} to the market: survivor made goods sprout self-reliance

i can remember puttering down chicago's lakeshore drive on my way to work; it was a clear summer day + i was driving my first car, a clamorous, sunshine-yellow vintage volkswagen beetle, the distinct feeling of freedom enveloping me. a warm breeze ribboned through the car, and i had the sensation that i was a bird, my wings made of autonomy + independence. 

interwoven with one's sense of well-being + freedom is economic independence. 

today, women remain disproportionately affected by poverty, but economic empowerment sets a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication + inclusive economic growth.*

education + employment opportunities allow each of us to meet our full potential. we can invest in homes, secure quality childcare + healthcare, start our own businesses, we can also send our own children to school, and we can even buy a sputtering vintage automobile. self-reliance allows us to shape our futures as we envision them.

jane mosbacher morris is an exceptional woman creating employment opportunities for artisans  + marginalized communities, with a focus on women + survivors of violence. she has created the quintessential online ethical retail shop offering global goods made by artisans, refugees + survivors of abuse and exploitation; and with every purchase, a life is being transformed. 

meet jane + take a peek inside to the market, and if you fancy a good sale, you've come to the right place. find gauzy baby blankets, breezy scarves, bold jewelry + striking, yet subtle pieces for the home, all handmade by strong, emancipated women:

{simple pleasures} l'avenir: the future

Saturday, December 23, 2017

“l'avenir appartient à la gentillesse.” 
bertha von suttner

 {today's simple pleasures}

{eco beauty} shampoo bars: a bottle-less + brilliant product

Friday, December 22, 2017

the first time i read about shampoo bars, i was truly intrigued + a little skeptical. kind of the way i felt about dippin' dots when i first laid eyes on those tiny little ice cream pellets as a kid. innovation is always welcome, but i had to wonder: will it yield the same satisfying effect?

i've been a dedicated user of shampoo bars for five years now. i love this zero-plastic + minimal waste option, the simple + safe ingredient lists, and the results. in a previous post sharing 5 easy tips to green your bathroom {which includes saying au revoir to plastic soap dispensers + using old-fashioned bar soap as well as trying bottle-less shampoo, aka shampoo bars}, i discussed why this product is one of my favorite bath + beauty products: because it truly works.

whether you have moody hair {straight one day, wavy the next}, reliably frizzy hair, or predictably straight hair, this product is great for nourishing your locks, and it's great for maintaining healthy tresses whether you have dry hair, oily hair or you're somewhere in between. here's how to use a shampoo bar + what to expect from this tiny, yet mighty product:

{simple pleasures} plus d'expériences: more experiments

Saturday, December 16, 2017

"all life is an experiment. the more experiments you make the better."
ralph waldo emerson

{today's simple pleasures}

{eco brand} by the sea: a new tide of fashion + home goods

Friday, December 15, 2017

i hear an unfamiliar sound in the background. "what's that?" i ask. "wild chickens," comes the answer.

when kathryn letson, founder of eco lifestyle brand by the sea, decided she wanted to see change in her life, she really meant it. over ten years ago she made a decision, and like a tide washing over her life, every aspect would be affected, her entire life eventually transformed.

this new life would prove to be a slower life, a greener life, and a happier life.

sometimes we are catapulted onto a new path suddenly, other times change happens over a life span, and sometimes life puts everything into a blender for us, and we have to decide which direction this new mix of events is pointing us towards. for me, the collusion of slow fashion, a minimalist lifestyle + a complete recovery from having been ill for many years set me on the path to travel; for kathryn, it was a decision to leave a lucrative career in new york within the fast-fashion industry, to embrace a new life in a new locale, and to build a sustainable company from the ground up.

this brand is a design + aesthetic experience awaiting your participation. this is by the sea:

{simple pleasures} les plus beaux mots: the most beautiful words

Saturday, December 9, 2017

"summer afternoon: to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the english language."
henry james

{today's simple pleasures}